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VP of R&D and Innovation

Locus Fermentation Solutions

Dr. Amir Mahmoudkhani has strong knowledge of oilfield chemistry and 20+ years of experience in various technical roles including R&D, application development and project management. His areas of expertise include polymer, oilfield, surface & colloid, solid state & material, water and corrosion chemistries and electrochemistry—with a specialized interest in paraffin wax, asphaltene and gas hydrate control and management. Amir has been a member of Industry Joint Research Programs (JIPs), adjunct professor at University of Alberta and was formerly Clariant’s Global Innovation Manager and Global Head of Flow Assurance. In his current role as VP of R&D and Innovation at Locus, Amir leads all projects utilizing new and novel bio-based materials for use in key global industries. Amir received his Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry from the Gothenburg University in Sweden and completed a year of postdoctoral work at the Brockhouse Institute of Material Research in McMaster University. He is an author on 130+ published articles, inventor on 39 patent applications and recognized in 12 oil and gas and scientific research awards.

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